Alden Resources, LLC

Alden Resources, LLC Overview

Alden Resources, LLCAlden Resources, LLC is North America's leading miner, processor and supplier of specialty metallurgical coal to the silicon and silicon-based alloy industries and also supplies thermal coal to the power industry.

Specialty metallurgical coal is a key ingredient in the production of silicon metal. Alden is a major supplier of this type of specialty metallurgical coal to silicon producers, from our six mines in Kentucky and Tennessee. When Globe acquired Alden, we secured a stable, long-term and low-cost supply of this key raw material to support continued growth worldwide, while maintaining Alden's position as a leading supplier to other silicon and silicon-based alloy producers.

Currently, Alden supplies coal to the silicon and silicon-based alloy markets.

Alden controls a major portion of the remaining reserves in the Blue Gem seam, an extremely high-quality coal that exists only in a small, four-county area of southern Kentucky and northeastern Tennessee. (The Blue Gem seam is very unique because of its extremely low ash and high carbon content.)

Alden also owns and operates a coal preparation plant in eastern Kentucky that washes and prepares the coal. The plant is newly upgraded and capable of processing over 2.5 million tons of coal per year.

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