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Globe Specialty Metals Locations

Globe Specialty Metals, Inc. - Headquarters, Miami, Florida

Globe Metallurgical, Inc. - Main Office, Beverly, Ohio, USA
Beverly Plant (Beverly, Ohio)
    5 Furnaces - Silicon Metal, Specialty Alloys, Ferroalloys
WVA Manufacturing, LLC (Alloy, West Virginia)
    Joint Venture with Dow Corning Corp.
    5 Furnaces - Silicon Metal
Selma Plant (Selma, Alabama)
    2 Furnaces - Silicon Metal
Niagara Plant (Niagara Falls, New York)
    2 Furnaces - Silicon Metal, Ferroalloys
Alabama Sand & Gravel Inc. (Billingsley, Alabama)
    Quartzite Mine

Norchem Inc. - Main Office, Hauppauge, New York, USA
Florida Support Office (Fort Pierce, Florida)
    Silica Fume

Core Metals Group, LLC - Main Office, Weirton, West Virginia, USA
Tennessee Alloys Company, LLC (Bridgeport, Alabama)
    1 Furnace – Ferroalloys
Metallurgical Process Materials, LLC (Aurora, Indiana)

Alden Resources, LLC - Main Office, Corbin, Kentucky, USA
    Coal Mines

Globe Metales S.A. - Main Office, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Main Plant (Mendoza, Argentina)
    2 Furnaces - Calcium Silicon, Magnesium Ferrosilicon
Villa Mercedes Plant (San Luis, Argentina)
    Cored Wire Facility
Ultracore Polska (Police, Poland)
    Cored Wire Facility

Quebec Silicon LP
6500 Rue Yvon-Trudeau
Bécancour, QC

Silicon Technology (Pty) Ltd
(Ballengeich, South Africa)
Plant Idle

Ningxia Yonvey Coal Industry Co., Ltd.
Offices and Plant - ChongGang, Shizuishan, Ningxia, P.R. China
    Carbon Electrodes

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