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We produce specialty foundry alloys at our Ohio, USA and Mendoza, Argentina facilities. We are among the largest suppliers of magnesium ferrosilicon "nodularizers" and ferrosilicon "inoculants" worldwide.

Our specialty foundry alloys are made of silicon combined with iron in the form of scrap steel to produce ferrosilicon, along with other additions which can include precisely measured quantities of other metals and rare earths incorporated to create alloys with the desired metallurgical characteristics.

In addition to our lump foundry alloys, our Globe Metales and UltraCore Polska units produce a variety of alloys in cored-wire form under the Ultracore© brand. Cored wire is a delivery method long preferred in the steel industry and now being adopted by a growing number of manufacturers in the foundry industry. In this form, the alloy is ground to a fine size, encapsulated in a sheath of steel roll-formed into a tube and then wound into a coil. The steel sheath protects the alloy from oxidation and its fine size aids in the integration of the alloy into the molten metal. Globe Metales and UltraCore Polska produce a wide range of formulations, diameters and lengths of cored-wire alloys to suit foundry customer needs.

Our specialty foundry alloys can be divided into two general categories:

  • Magnesium-Ferrosilicon-based "nodularizers"
  • Ferrosilicon-based "inoculants"

Magnesium-Ferrosilicon alloys are known as "nodularizers", because, when combined with molten grey iron, they change the graphite flakes in the iron into spheroidal particles, or "nodules", thereby increasing the iron's strength and resilience. The resulting product is commonly known as ductile iron. Ductile iron has a growing market as a substitute for steel in applications requiring a lighter and more resilient material, such as in the manufacture of automobile crankshafts and camshafts, steering gear, exhaust manifolds, hydraulic valve bodies and cylinders, couplings, sprockets and machine frames, as well as in commercial water pipes. Ductile iron is lighter than steel and provides better castability (i.e. intricate shapes can be more easily produced) than untreated iron. According to the metals industry publication, "Modern Casting", growth in specialty alloy consumption is projected to exceed overall GDP growth as ductile iron replaces steel in manufacturing applications requiring a stronger, lighter material. We sell our Magnesium-Ferrosilicon alloys under the Glomag™, Inmold™ and Flotret™ brands.

Ferrosilicon-based specialty foundry alloys (without magnesium) are known as "inoculants" and can contain any of a large number of combinations of metallic elements. Inoculants act to evenly distribute the graphite particles found in both grey and ductile iron and refine other microscopic structures, resulting in a product with greater strength and improved casting and machining properties.


We strive to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by excelling in providing extensive technical advice and service to our specialty alloy customers. In addition to providing our foundry customers with advice on their manufacturing processes, we can tailor the chemical composition of our products to the specific requirements of each customer's product line and foundry processes -- often on a plant-by-plant basis.


Our specialty alloy customers are extremely quality conscious, as an error in chemical composition or even product sizing can result in the scrapping of an entire casting run. Our intensive quality control measures at each stage of the manufacturing process act to ensure that customer specifications are met. As testimony to our dedication to manufacturing excellence, we have received numerous industry awards including the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the Shigeo Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence and the U.S. Senate Productivity Award, as well as numerous supplier quality certifications.

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